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When we create BEING (Brainy Educational Institute of Never Graduated) we try to answer: what will be the experience of going to school in the future? After investigating the future of Education and reading all the existing positions and hypothesis about it. We imagine a humanistic model focused on “human abilities and passions”. A true and renewed humanism applied to education, where the system allows you to explore the things you really are good at. BEING helps put your passion at the service of humanity in an educational model without precedent.

To explain it, we created a short film, an audio short film, where Fer, a girl of 3 years old, receives a message from her brother who is about to travel to Mars. In it, he narrates the adventures he has done in BEING, since it was the first generation of humans who lived this revolutionary educational system. His brother, Jon, leaves him a video memory, where he explains the importance of the system and the great things that have developed after a collapse in the economic, social, political and technological systems.


This is the script we made.
Also you can listen to the audio we made for the script (spanish version).
It is a short film in audio. Our idea is to turn it into a real short film that inspires people who are looking to create the future of education on this planet. BEING is just the beginning.


Today is my launch day, I am thrilled to know I belong to the very first group of guys who were part of the experimental generation of BEING (Brainy Educational Institute of Never Graduated) which is the first educational model totally focused on “the being” and its positive influence around the world with the only oddity that you never really graduate. I know it will be hard for you to understand but we do not go to school anymore, we actually “live it”.

Humanity finally understood a certifying paper for knowledge was not enough, especially when education turned into just another business. We are the first generation of a new paradigm in continuous evolution and changing. A “constant beta human” gene.

You will know for sure that my parents were bystanders of these new educational model’s kick off with schools such as Singularity University. It was a whole revolution, the brightest minds of the 2020 developed the foundations of what we have today. They were the parties to this new form of education. However, this became the main topic after the e-Blackout.

I know you will probably wonder what the e-Blackout is, “eB” as the media named it. So I will tell you a little about it, my mother told me she was on delivery when suddenly the light went out, or so it seemed. Every device stopped working so that ended up as a middle ages kind of birth. Despite the fact that power plant generators went into operation for a while, the world was disconnected. The biggest internet brownout in history. A global drop which collapsed the financial system, flights, distribution channels and every device connected to it.

What seemed just a failure in the system at first instance became into the 60 most catastrophic hours of humanity history, the economy, health, even war; everything just paralyzed. Despite the radical global crisis that this originated, it also brought great knowledge to humanity. We understood that as a race in this planet we could operate not only due to the internet or any other technology but also to the real and human connections developed day by day. We savvy that human beings are what we are for what we actually are not for what we pretend to be and that opened a new era in which humans began to wonder what was really important and within that chaos the best hypotheses were developed, those which became theories and have totally transformed us.

As a race we have lived to the verge of nuclear, ideological and technological destruction. But we have outlast to all of it. We even put the most important issue on the table: the future of education. The world finally managed to confirm that it was not about getting a university degree. On “eB” day millions of people put their talent, skills, passions and purposes at the service of humanity in order to reverse what was happening, they were human beings with different skills trying to solve a common problem regardless of age or educational degrees.

During the following years after “eB”, school dropouts reached their maximum in history. There was a generation of young people who thought that the actual educational model was obsolete and so they started looking for answers. Main institutes around the world began to wonder what was next, how could they turn those 60 hours into feasible answers to world education. Among them there was a highlight which would become later into BEING.

The model was paradoxically based onto the technological advance that was achieved through years, most children receive their first lessons since they are in their mother’s womb, however it was my turn to meet it for the first time on my 3rd birthday.

My parents took me to the BEING innovation center. I remember it looked as a great amusement park, they did all kind of tests on me, physical, physiological, psychological and emotional. Based on my results they recommended to my parents which group they should sign me up for, I still do not know how hard it was for them to understand the model but I was delighted, I wanted to stay in that fantastic place since the very first day.

After almost a week my parents decided to accept such recommendation. Thanks to a merger of governmental and private funds, my education was guaranteed next to a group of human beings who would be the spearhead of this hypothesis. That’s how I got into the engineering and robotics group, that’s right, with only 3 years old.

There were boys and girls of all ages at my group, from all over the world, the oldest was 12 years old, I´m sure you are asking yourself how is that even possible, well at BEING age does not matter but your passions and aptnesses. Over time I learned every test for first-year students were analized by Ghandi (the fifth generation of artificial intelligence by IBM, previously known as Watson, then Gibson and now Ghandi, almost as a reminder of what we have learned from eB) after that complex analysis in which there were countless variables KMs (knowledge managers, the “knowledge givers” conceptually inspired by Louis Lowry books) suggested to our parents which was the best group for us.

From what I see in “the memoirs” (we stopped calling them pictures, but I’ll tell you about it some other day). So, at my parent’s memoirs and internet records I could appraise how is that BEING was a totally different “school”. My first year was just incredible, our mentor Charles Edison explained to us programming bases through a construction game similar to LEGO only virtual and he gave us the first challenge which was programming our first robot. First we had to attend to a class with the KMs about characters creation, they helped us name our first robot through different design technics. This challenge was supposed to be accomplished a week after that, so the whole group got together every day in order to get it, we had the information already and the materials so it was not complicated at all, although I do not deny our first problem was not about programming but also about collaborating. James, the oldest wanted to take command, however we soon noticed the most important was to solve the challenge so even though there were who could take more risk we had some younger members, I loved every one had their shot. I personally have to accept that for being one of the youngest they always let me try even when I destroyed almost all of the prototypes.

Little by little we started the robot, we worked around 3 hours a day and although there were times we wanted to stay longer our bracelet began to beep and we knew it was time to leave. Oh! Wait, I haven’t tell you about the bracelet.

As I mentioned at the beginning, technology played a very important role during the development of the educational model of BEING. Researchers and scientists created an intelligent bracelet which contained all kind of information of our educational performance, aptnesses, health condition, location, enrollment with others who had a bracelet too, in short, it can be said that it contained all of our life file. You would say it could be dangerous in the wrong hands but it hasn’t been a problem until today since data is encrypted thanks to a blockchain technology, this way BEING and our parents can know our status, improvements, new challenges and even if the is something wrong. When we have an iconic success all of our work, texts and thesis are physically printed with the aim of protecting them in case of a failure in the system as we learned with “eB”.

Well you don’t have to worry about it, we do not print over cellulose instead we use plastic collected from all over the sea thanks to an advanced recycling process.

Finally, the day to present our first project came, our parents were there and the parents who couldn’t make it connected to our bracelets to be there with us. Charles was very excited with our results although he advised us to improve some details, in the end each of us received his first badge, that’s right, here there were no A+ or numbers to grade your performance, there was a series of badges you were unlocking in each challenge they imposed on you.

So Little by Little I got to progress in my timelife, there were two guys in my group who went further much faster so they became new KMs and at the same time they began helping the youngest and so they were an inspiration for all of us. Their badges were just incredible. Their impact on the world was massive. You could watch someone else’s badge using your bracelet and know their achievements thanks to Mixed Reality, a new technology which came from ideas such as augmented reality and virtual reality only know you can actually live and understand on a personal level.

There were days on which we were not doing projects but they took us on camping instead. Distances went shorter thanks to Hyperloop project by Elon Musk and Richard Branson. Today being in London, Paris, Tokio, Tijuana or Sao Paulo was a matter of hours and not days. I remember one day they took us to a beach, it was the Californian beach, the first great global loss. It was horrendous to see they did not look as in my parent’s memoirs, they were full of garbage and pollutants that forced us to use a protective suite, it was so sad not to be able to touch the sand because the risk of getting an infection was highly probable. The good news is that this is a challenge to solve, so back in BEING center they left us one of the most important challenges until that moment, to create something that will help clean that beach, recover its ecosystem and have both ecological and environmental sustainability.

I spent entire nights just thinking about the solution. In this case such challenge was not only for my group but for all of groups of kids under 12 were, it was an incredible experience, kind of a boot camp in which we were 96 hours trying to solve that great challenge. By that moment I was 8 years old already and as worried as preoccupied because they splitted us into groups of 12 to make it easier, we created all kind of prototypes and the kids from artistic disciplines were great at creating renders on tablets, that helped us so much. Anyway, everybody was contributing amazing ideas until one of the groups started to scream “WE GOT IT! WE GOT IT!” we all ran to see that. Yes, they had created a prototype capable to absorb toxic materials from contaminated water, it also had a kind of net that was supposed to caught all the trash and compressed it. So instead of continuing in our projects we decided to support them to move faster and create a better version of it.

We finished 10 minutes before time was over and the time to present our ideas to a group of KMs and investors from all over the world. Some personalities also came, owners of big companies such as Twitch, Interconnect (company that followed Facebook), Slab (a lab by Alphabet), Amazing (Amazon Innovation Institute), among others. I told my friends to turn around and we were all so very excited. Over the time I understood the importance of our input.

It was time and I was so nervous not only for the presentation itself but for the presence of all of those great personalities. We began talking and they asked us several questions, at the end one of them representing the Organization of Actions in Favor of Planet Earth said the projects was great and they would not only acquire it to empower it but also they would give a scholarship for the authors to continue boosting their skills.

That was my first great badge and the first of many projects which began to be distributed very soon around the whole planet to allow saving and protecting any ecosystems as well as solving problems such as hunger, extreme poverty, pollution, creating new self-sustaining, responsible and balanced communities. It is estimated that by 2020, thanks to innovations we make at BEING, humanity will find a new balance with the planet and economic activities. This is so exciting, we are so proud to be part of a change that will remain forever in the history of humanity.

When I turned 13, Neuralink, a company founded by Elon Musk, achieved for the first time a secure transfer of data between human brain and a computer after thousands of failed attempts and decades of research. That was a quantum leap for BEING because we didn’t have to invest time in “acquiring knowledge” anymore but we were the first human beings to slowly receive from history knowledge to the operation and driving of machines and vehicles. I remember when I received my first transference I learned in less than five minutes the whole Egyptians history and their impact through earth, it was incredible to have that kind of information on your brain but he most amazing thing is that BEING has always encouraged us to “understand and use” that information for the benefit of humanity.

Honestly that is what I have always been passionate about BEING, respect for the others and the diversity but specially to be always aware that we are part of a whole that is much bigger than what one person could only create.

Little by little the BEING system has become more sophisticated and so have we. At the beginning the badges I won were all thanks to solving fun challenges but as I have grown those challenges have not only become more serious but without realizing I have been able to learn a lot of things and thanks to the monthly intergroup talks we perfectly know what the other groups do, so we feedback each other. It is not only about garnering as many badges as it is to solve the greatest number of challenges. And for the first time, designing the future together.

We have literally put all of our talent and passion to the service of humanity, but there is something our parents worry about, on one hand they are proud of having such conscientious and healthy children (in all senses) but they are also worried about our economic future, I mean, how are we going to survive. Well, here comes the important thing, all of the projects funded or acquired for companies or institutions also generate resources which are accumulated in an account for each of us and the community, that is, without realizing we have been saving for our future, without mentioning that companies out there are dying for having us in their ranks. So we are not worried at all about working, instead we are worried about the next challenge to solve. That feeds us, it moves us and makes us feel we are actually part of something much bigger.

In this educational model, it is not the companies who demand a certain number of professionals, but rather, it is the planet necessities that determine what we focus on each time, in fact we destroyed the traditional business model based on the four P’s of Jerome: Price, Place, Product and Promotion. Now we focused on the 3 most important P’s: People, Planet, Purpose from Rocha and Alvarez, and that as a result generates a self-sustainable business model, beneficial to all.

I am writing this letter at the age of 21, I have spent the last 18 years at BEING and thanks to my performance I have been selected to be one of the first 50 people for the campus on Mars, as you read, after the first mission to Mars in 2022 things have progressed in an amazing way, so that as I mentioned, we are about to be launched to Mars to inhabit the first Multiplanetary Campus with the sole purpose of starting to build solutions and alternatives so we can finally live at the coveted red planet and thanks to the new materials and generated knowledge, to be able to carry out new solutions to earth.

I will be here for a decade. The objective of BEING is to return with applicable projects to the planet and I have a couple of hypotheses to check. Einstein failed on his model and I think I have an idea that solves it. Now I have to prove it.

I took the time to create this memoir for you because as our parents told us about their story, I wanted to tell you how was mine and remind you how lucky you are because you are not even born yet and you are already part of the BEING program, so you will no longer have to go to the “university” but you will live the school every day of your life. I hope when you get to see this memoir, which I’m sure will be very soon, (if the data transfer of Neuralink helps you), you feel proud of me and become just like me, everything you ever wanted to be.

For the Planet, for the People, for the Purpose.

Love, your brother John
See you in the future.

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